Lintel Replacement

 Lintels, or steel lintel beams, are the horizontal beams that run across the tops of windows, doors, or other openings in your masonry walls. Not only do lintels keep bricks and stones from sagging or falling off, but a lintel beam is a crucial element of your building’s structural integrity. A badly damaged or corroded steel lintel can threaten the stability of your St. Louis area building. If moisture gets to your lintel through gaps in your mortar, missing bricks, or cracks in an exterior wall, the steel beam begins to corrode. Over time, a rusted lintel beam begins to expand and push against the masonry exterior. This can create a host of problems including cracked masonry, sagging and displaced bricks or stone, leaking walls, and even loose and falling brick or stone. If the steel lintel becomes too deteriorated, the exterior wall could begin to collapse. 

prices range from $1,000 - $3,000