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Rebuilding St. Louis, One Brick At A Time!

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Hello! Thank you for visiting McGee Masonry's website. We specialize in both residential and commercial masonry, so no matter what you’ve got planned for your home or business, you’ll be happy with the results.

McGee Masonry is a family owned and operated business, providing exceptional masonry service to the Saint Louis area. We have a uniformed staff of dedicated employees. Our team of professionals is highly skilled and experienced and will exceed your expectations. Redeveloping the city of St. Louis and surrounding areas is a true passion of our team. We are committed to excellence, and each customer is our top priority.

We are Bonded, Licensed, and Insured. You are in safe hands!

Our lengthy experience in the field makes us uniquely qualified to handle most masonry repair needs. After receipt of your project, one of our highly experienced estimators will meet you on site to identify and diagnose your job. A detailed proposal is generated once accepted, Repairs are performed with complete transparency and integrity.

McGee Masonry Prides its self on the ability to do what the competitors cant.
For our company we lean on several market advantages that set us aside from our competitors.

  • Literally leaving competitors in the dust with our new HILTI dustless vacuum systems! 
    • 150 CFM suction level to comply with OSHA silica dust standards.
    • Dust extraction from grinding, cutting, slitting, drilling and dry coring tools.
  • OSHA compliant - we believe in a safety first job site following OSHA regulations!
  • Non union company giving us the ability to beat or match pricing!
  • We have a 6 man team which means lower overhead costs for you.
  • Attention to detail - better quality product.
  • We are faster better smarter cleaner!

Please feel free to contact us for a bid, services, or any questions, using the number provided (click on the 'Contact Me' page.) We look forward to doing business with you as we rebuild our community together, one brick at a time!

Brick, Block, and Stone Work

If it's brick, block, or stone work; McGee Masonry can do it!

outdoor Fireplaces

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Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a structure that is constructed and designed to resist the lateral pressure of soil.

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Brick Veneers

Brick veneer is a non-structural layer of brick

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Brick Mailboxes

Add Curb Appeal with a Custom-Built Brick Mailbox!

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Brick Planter

Add Curb Appeal with a Custom-Built Brick Planter!

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Chimney Work & Repair

Chimneys, from the roofline up, are the areas that are the most exposed to water and likely the first area to deteriorate.

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Tuckpointing is the term used to describe the process of replacing deteriorated mortar joints in the spaces between your bricks.

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New Construction & Rehabilation

Whether you would like to add new construction or fix current work, McGee Masonry can do it! Call today with any ideas!

Chimney Damper

A Chimney Damper is a device that is meant to seal your fireplace shut when it is not in use.

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Restoration Cleaner is a safe and highly efficient alternative to aggressive and/or harsh cleaners traditionally used for cleaning masonry and stone surfaces. It removes mold, mildew, algae, moss, dirt, grease, black streaks, and many other biological deposits from new and existing surfaces.

Power Washing

Power washing for brick and stone is a method of providing your masonry work with a fresh new look and adds a finishing touch. Chemicals along with a pressure washer, can work wonders to uncover the original look of your brick. The chemical is sprayed on to the masonry or stone surface then power rinsed off.

Outdoor Kitchen

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Monument Signs

Make a statement with a monument sign for your business or at the entrance of your subdivision, street, campus and any place you can think of where you want to catch the eye of passersby.

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Chimney Sweeps

A properly maintained, cleaned and swept chimney is a must in preventing dangerous chimney fires.

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Rebuilding or re-laying

Over time, bricks on your house or building may become loose or separate from the structure at that point the bricks will need to be replaced.

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Waterproofing can help stop leaks before they happen with preventative waterproofing.

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Grouting and foundation repair

Cracks in the foundation may come from the shifting or sinking of the foundation, and will then need to be grouted.

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Chimney Flue liner installation

A properly installed and maintained flue helps ventilate and remove dangerous fumes, smoke and gasses.

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Fire Pits

Entertain your family and friends this year with a wonderful outdoor fire pit. From sitting around the fire with your loved ones to having a glass of wine out back on date night, an outdoor fire pit is ideal for all entertainment.

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Caulking provides durable and flexible weather sealing of most construction materials including stone, concrete, brick and metal.

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Lintel Replacement

Lintels will need to be replaced when there is corrosion visibly on the steel. Corrosion can expand and be harmful for masonry because of the extremely heavy weight and force on the wall.

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Rough Openings

new openings in masonry for windows and doors.

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indoor fireplace

Repair of any holes, cracks, water/heat damage or deteriorating areas to ensure the performance and safety of the fireplace system. we also specialize in brick and stone veneer fireplaces!

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Acid Washing

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